Friday, May 21, 2010

Make Up Tutorials from "Makeup Geek"

I must admit {shamelessly hiding my head} ...unfortunately my style is stuck in about 1997. I am one of those frumpy moms you see on Oprah who's in need of a good makeover. I guess living in small town Alaska doesn't help my situation either. Where I can go to the store in my pajamas and not get a second glance.
I soooo badly want to change, but I don't know how. My body type is strange (I kinda look like humpty dumpty.... a big mid section, with itty bitty skinny legs) and it's hard to find anything to flatter my figure. I have naturally curly hair that takes hours to straighten, so I feel my hair style never changes. And make up? Where do I begin?
Luckily I've seen some fabulous tutorials on you tube and other websites that have been posting great video tutorials on how to apply make up, or make it look like your favorite Hollywood Star, etc.
I found MAKEUP GEEK who posts such tutorials. Go on and have a look! One day I will be able to afford all this makeup and look like a gazillion bucks. But as for now..a girl can dream!

You can find her video tutorials HERE.

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